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SiO2 and Al2O3 surfaces exposed to periodically modulated extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light (λ = 46.9 nm) have been investigated at the μm scale by optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, scanning Auger microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and Kelvin probe force microscopy. The formation of a carbon contamination layer preserving the same periodical modulation of the EUV dose has been observed. The mechanisms of hydrocarbon molecules deposition have been studied with the help of correlation plots between the modulated Auger signal and the corresponding EUV dose. A surface-dependent secondary-electron-based model has been proposed.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
14 May 2012

S Prezioso, M Donarelli, F Bisti, L Palladino, S Santucci, S Spadoni, L Avaro, A Liscio, V Palermo, L Ottaviano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 100 Issue: 20 Pages: 201603
Applied Physics Letters