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A prototypical semiconducting bicomponent system consisting of a conjugated polymer, that is, poly(3‐hexylthiophene) (P3HT), blended with a small thiophene containing conjugated molecule, that is, an alkyl‐substituted bisphenyl‐bithiophene [phenylene–thiophene–thiophene–phenylene (PTTP)], has been used as an electroactive active layer in field‐effect transistors (FETs). The self‐assembly of this bicomponent system at surfaces has been studied at different length scales, from the nanoscale to the macroscale, and compared with the behavior of monocomponent films of PTTP and P3HT. The correlation between morphology and electric properties of the semiconducting material is explored by fabricating prototypes of FETs varying the relative concentrations of the two‐component blend. The maximum charge carrier mobility value, achieved with a few percent of PTTP component, is not simply due to a uniform …
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Publication date: 
1 May 2012

Andrea Liscio, Massimo Bonini, Emanuele Treossi, Emanuele Orgiu, Marcel Kastler, Florian Dötz, Vincenzo Palermo, Paolo Samorì

Biblio References: 
Volume: 50 Issue: 9 Pages: 642-649
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics