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Micrometre-thick uniform layers of a polymeric semiconductor (poly(3-hexylthiophene), P3HT) have been fabricated from solution by spray deposition making use of a commercial airbrush. Multi-scale characterization by optical microscopy and atomic force microscopy revealed the formation of smooth layers featuring reproducible patterns of spatially correlated micron-sized holes. This morphology was found to be uniform over the whole sample surface, on millimetre scale. On this micro-patterned P3HT layer an orthogonal solvent (i.e. a solvent which does not dissolve the P3HT) has been employed to deposit either by spin coating or by drop casting a second organic semiconductor. While spin-coated films exhibited nano-crystals of an alkylated perylene tetracarboxy diimide (PDI) preferentially grown into the micro-fabricated holes, drop-cast films displayed crystalline PDI fibres adsorbed on the patterned …
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2009

Emanuele Treossi, Andrea Liscio, Xinliang Feng, Vincenzo Palermo, Klaus Müllen, Paolo Samorì

Biblio References: 
Volume: 95 Issue: 1 Pages: 15-20
Applied Physics A