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e12012Background: The reasons for variation in breast cancer survival are multifactorial. In patients diagnosed with early breast cancer, evidence has emerged relatively to more favorable outcomes associated with disease detection in a screening context. Methods: To investigate whether mode of breast cancer detection may affect patient important outcomes following breast conservative therapy (BCT). We analyzed data on 448 patients with early breast cancer treated at the National Cancer Institute of Naples between January 2004 and June 2006. Breast cancers were categorized into mammography- and self-detected (MG and S-D) cases. The actuarial survival rates were calculated using the Kaplan–Meier method, and statistical significance differences between rates were evaluated by the log-rank test. Cox proportional hazard model was used for multivariate analysis including tumor …
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Publication date: 
20 May 2011

A Crispo, G D'Aiuto, M Grimaldi, M Rinaldo, M Barba, I Capasso, G Botti, G Caolo, K Tsapakina, M D'Aiuto, A Amore, M Di Bonito, M De Laurentiis, G Frasci, M Montella

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Volume: 29 Issue: 15_suppl Pages: e12012-e12012
Journal of Clinical Oncology