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In this paper, metamaterial and microsystem concepts have been used to study resonating structures useful for narrowband microwave signal processing. U-shaped resonators and triangular Sierpinski structures have been designed, manufactured, and tested for possible applications in the K-Band, around 20 GHz and 26 GHz, for satellite communications. Results on the metamaterial nature of both configurations and on their electrical performance are discussed. The studied structures include the possible implementation by RF MEMS of the U-resonators. The outlined novelty is in obtaining a tunable narrow-band filter using an all-passive environment with switches embedded in the resonator. The advantages and drawbacks of this solution and the proposed optimization are discussed in detail. Triangular resonators with the Sierpinski geometry are also considered for the same frequencies. In this case, the …
Publication date: 
15 Jul 2023

R Marcelli, G Capoccia, GM Sardi, G Bartolucci, B Margesin, J Iannacci, G Tagliapietra, F Giacomozzi, E Proietti

Biblio References: 
Volume: 49 Issue: 14 Pages: 24379-24389
Ceramics International