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Background People lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day and generate new ones from stem cells in hair follicles, but in those suffering from baldness, the stem cells remain inactive and are unable to regenerate new hair. Although 9% of hair follicles remain in telogen at any time, a variety of factors, including growth factors and cytokines, promote the transition from telogen to anagen and the subsequent stimulation of hair growth. Methods We compared in vitro, on cultures of human hair follicles, the effect on hair growth and regeneration of the dermal papilla of plant-derived nanovesicles, exosomes from cord blood stem cells and bovine colostrum, a mixture of growth factors and cytokines purified from bovine colostrum, called GF20, and a new compound called HAIR & SCALP COMPLEX obtained by adding exosomes isolated from colostrum to GF20. Results The analyses demonstrated a significant increase in the growth of the bulb and the regeneration of the dermal papilla in the samples treated with HAIR & SCALP COMPLEX compared to the other elements tested. Conclusions In this research, we propose a possible new treatment that could help significantly slow down hair loss and encourage new hair growth: HAIR & SCALP COMPLEX.
Publication date: 
16 Jan 2024

Greta Ferruggia, Martina Contino, Massimo Zimbone, Maria Violetta Brundo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 11 Issue: 1 Pages: 10