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A completely automated vibrating-reed apparatus for measurements of the mechanical quality factor and dynamic elasticity moduli has been developed. The apparatus is equipped with heating and cooling stages allowing continuous temperature ramps and isothermal measurements in the range 90–1400 K. Measurements in a magnetic field up to 8 × 104 A/m can also be performed. The data acquisition is computer-controlled through a software specifically developed allowing, with a high acquisition rate, automatic measurements and control of all the apparatus components and real-time data analysis. Some results are reported to illustrate the capabilities. These refer to bulk submicro-grained alloys obtained by severe plastic deformation, nanocrystalline metal hydrides for hydrogen storage and metal foams. The results are briefly discussed to emphasize the utility of employing mechanical spectroscopy in …
Publication date: 
20 Dec 2006

S Amadori, EG Campari, AL Fiorini, R Montanari, L Pasquini, L Savini, E Bonetti

Biblio References: 
Volume: 442 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 543-546
Materials Science and Engineering: A