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Basal plane dislocations (BPD) were mostly eliminated in 4H-SiC epitaxy using post growth high temperature annealing in the range of 1600 o C-1950 o C for 30s-2 mins. The samples annealed at temperatures> 1700 o C showed the best BPD reduction. However, surface morphology was degraded for samples annealed> 1850 o C, and new BPDs were generated. A better capping technique was developed to improve the surface morphology and avoid generation of new BPDs, while significantly reducing the existing BPDs in the SiC epitaxial layers.
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
31 Aug 2013

Nadeemullah A Mahadik, Anindya Nath, Eugene A Imhoff, Robert E Stahlbush, Roberta Nipoti

Biblio References: 
Volume: 58 Issue: 4 Pages: 325
ECS Transactions