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CaloCube is an R&D project borne to develop a novel calorimeter design, optimized for high-energy cosmic ray measurements in space. A small prototype made of CsI(Tl) elements has been built and tested on particle beams. A final version, made of 5×5×18 crystals and with dual readout (two photodiodes for each crystal), to cover the full required dynamic range, is under construction and will be tested at CERN SPS in Summer 2016. The dual readout compensation technique were developed and the feasibility to extract Čerenkov signals from CsI crystals verified.
EDP Sciences
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2017

A Rappoldi, PW Cattaneo, O Adriani, A Agnesi, S Albergo, L Auditore, A Basti, E Berti, G Bigongiari, L Bonechi, S Bonechi, M Bongi, V Bonvicini, S Bottai, P Brogi, G Cappello, G Carotenuto, G Castellini, R D’Alessandro, S Detti, M Fasoli, N Finetti, A Italiano, P Lenzi, P Maestro, PS Marrocchesi, M Miritello, N Mori, M Olmi, G Orzan, L Pacini, P Papini, MG Pellegriti, F Pirzio, S Ricciarini, P Spillantini, O Starodubtsev, F Stolzi, JE Suh, A Sulaj, A Tiberio, A Tricomi, A Trifirò, M Trimarchi, E Vannuccini, A Vedda, G Zampa, N Zampa

Biblio References: 
Volume: 136 Pages: 02011
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