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We report that nanoparticles prepared from appropriately functionalized polythiophenes once administered to live cells can acquire phototransduction properties under illumination, becoming photoactive sites able to absorb visible light and convert it to an electrical signal through cell membrane polarization. Amine-reactive fluorescent nanoparticles with pendant N-succinimidyl-ester groups (NPs-NHS) are prepared from polythiophenes alternating unsubstituted and 3-(2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-1-yl-8-octanoate)-substituted thiophenes by a nanoprecipitation method. By 1H NMR of nanoparticles prepared using THF-d8/D2O (solvent/non-solvent) we demonstrate that the hydrolysis of the N-succinimidyl-ester group to free N-hydroxysuccinimide takes place slowly over several hours. NPs-NHS reactivity towards primary amine groups is tested towards the NH2 of D- and L-enantiomers of tryptophan. We show that the …
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2017

M Zangoli, F Di Maria, E Zucchetti, C Bossio, MR Antognazza, G Lanzani, R Mazzaro, F Corticelli, M Baroncini, G Barbarella

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 26 Pages: 9202-9209