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Sensors are playing a more important role in the modern hydraulic systems. Increasing needs for closed loop controls, high precision measurement, power control and energy monitoring, diagnosis and safety concerns, ask for both pressure and flow acquisition in both industrial and mobile applications.Traditional pressure sensors need specific bored screw for mounting, and both pipes and components must be modified in order to apply pressure sensors. Traditional pressure sensors are related to mini-mess and to oil flow modification in the sensor area.Sensors position in hydraulic circuits or components must be defined at design phase, in order to design the proper screw in desired circuit positions.Most of times sensors result in a efficiency loss in the circuit.Last but not least, the cost of traditional sensors, the need for proper connections for sensors installation and the work needed for sensor …
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Publication date: 
16 Oct 2017

Massimiliano Ruggeri, Giorgio Paolo Massarotti, Luca Belsito, Alberto Roncaglia

Biblio References: 
Volume: 58332 Pages: V001T01A076
Fluid Power Systems Technology