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Achieving light control of ultrafast electron dynamics in matter is of utmost importance for technology and research [1]. Few-femtosecond (fs) light pulses can turn semiconductors into conductive states by injecting charge carriers from the valence (VB) to the conduction (CB) band, possibly realizing crucial milestones in quantum electronics such as ultrafast optical switches. Despite recent continuous efforts, light-initiated physical phenomena in realistic and technologically relevant semiconductors are not fully understood.
Optica Publishing Group
Publication date: 
26 Jun 2023

Giacomo Inzani, Lyudmyla Adamska, Amir Eskandari-asl, Nicola Di Palo, Gian Luca Dolso, Bruno Moio, Luciano Jacopo D’Onofrio, Alessio Lamperti, Alessandro Molle, Rocío Borrego-Varillas, Mauro Nisoli, Stefano Pittalis, Carlo Andrea Rozzi, Adolfo Avella, Matteo Lucchini

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Pages: cg_2_2
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics