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In this paper we experimentally study the growth of self-assembled SiGe islands formed on Si (001) by exploiting the thermally activated surface diffusion of Ge atoms from a local Ge source stripe in the temperature range 600–700 C. This new growth strategy allows us to vary continuously the Ge coverage from 8 to 0 monolayers as the distance from the source increases, and thus enables the investigation of the island growth over a wide range of dynamical regimes at the same time, providing a unique birds eye view of the factors governing the growth process and the dominant mechanism for the mass collection by a critical nucleus. Our results give experimental evidence that the nucleation process evolves within a diffusion limited regime. At a given annealing temperature, we find that the nucleation density depends only on the kinetics of the Ge surface diffusion resulting in a universal scaling distribution …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
4 Mar 2014

Giovanni Maria Vanacore, Maurizio Zani, Monica Bollani, E Bonera, G Nicotra, Johann Osmond, Giovanni Capellini, Giovanni Isella, Alberto Tagliaferri

Biblio References: 
Volume: 25 Issue: 13 Pages: 135606