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This work reports on the effect of annealing temperature on the size, shape and wetting of particles obtained on 4H-SiC substrate by the dewetting process of a deposited nanoscale-thick Au film, with focus on the difference between solid-state dewetting (below Au melting temperature) and liquid-state dewetting (above Au melting temperature).After depositing nanoscale-thick Au film on the SiC substrate, annealings are perfomed so to induce the solid-state or liquid-state dewetting process of the film with the consequent formation of particles. Plan-view and cross-view scanning electron microscopy analyses are carried out to quantify the evolution of the average planar size and vertical size of the particles and of the average contact angle of the particles to the SiC surface versus the annealing temperature. These analyses allow us to extract quantitative information on the wetting behaviour of the particles on the SiC …
Publication date: 
22 Feb 2021
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Pages: 101041
Surfaces and Interfaces