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Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) have been recently proposed for different applications in medical imaging area, inclunding functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), due to their single photon sensitivity, fast timing response, low operation bias, compactness, and low cost. Here, we report on the electro-optical performances of an SiPM technology suitably optimized for continuous wave (CW)-fNIRS application through the integration of a near-infrared (NIR) long-pass filter on the detector's package. The use of the filter considerably decreases, especially for large overvoltage (OV) values, the SiPM's dark noise rate, due to the significant reduction of optical cross talk effects (up to 90% of dark current reduction at 50%-OV). Moreover, the filter reduces also the absorption of environmental light of more than 85% in the SiPMs linear operation range above the breakdown, allowing at the same time a good photon …
Publication date: 
7 Mar 2017

Massimo Mazzillo, Domenico Mello, Pietro Paolo Barbarino, Mario Romeo, Yuri Musienko, Antonella Sciuto, Sebania Libertino, Salvatore Lombardo, Giorgio Fallica

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1 Issue: 3 Pages: 212-220
IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences