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A novel Cu(I) cluster compound has been synthesized by reacting CuI with the 2,2′-dithiobis(5-nitropyridine) ligand under solvothermal conditions. During the reaction, the original ligand breaks into the 5-nitropyridine-2-thiolate moiety, which acts as the coordinating ligand with both N- and S-sites, leading to a distorted octahedral Cu6S6 cluster. The structure has been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction and FT-IR analysis, and the photophysical properties have been determined in the solid state by means of steady-state and time-resolved optical techniques. The cluster presents a near-infrared emission showing an unusual temperature dependence: when passing from 77 to 298 K, a blue-shift of the emission band is observed, associated with a decrease in its intensity. Time-dependent-density functional theory calculations suggest that the observed behavior can be ascribed to a complex interplay of …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
8 Jun 2022

Khaled Hassanein, Chiara Cappuccino, Marianna Marchini, Elisa Bandini, Meganne Christian, Vittorio Morandi, Filippo Monti, Lucia Maini, Barbara Ventura

Biblio References: 
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C