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162 Room Temperature Light Emission from Silicon Nanowires photoluminescence (PL), visible to the naked eye, is observed when NWs are optically excited; the PL spectrum exhibits a blue shift with decreasing NW size in agreement with the occurrence of quantum confinement effects. A prototype device based on Si NWs, showing a strong and stable electroluminescence at low voltage, has been fabricated. The first evidence of simultaneous light emission from both Si (in the visible region) and Ge (in the IR region) nanostructures in Si/Ge NWs is also presented. The relevance and the perspectives of the reported results, which open the route toward novel photonic applications of semiconductor NWs, are finally discussed.
Jenny Stanford Publishing
Publication date: 
26 Oct 2016

Alessia Irrera, Giorgia Franzo, Barbara Fazio, Simona Boninelli, Paolo Musumeci, Francesco Priolo, Fabio Iacona

Biblio References: 
Pages: 179-208
Silicon Nanophotonics