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We measure transport through a Ga [Al] As heterostructure at temperatures between 32 mK and 30 K. Increasing the temperature enhances the electron-electron scattering rate and viscous effects in the two-dimensional electron gas arise. To probe this regime we measure so-called vicinity voltages and use a voltage-biased scanning tip to induce a movable local perturbation. We find that the scanning gate images differentiate reliably between the different regimes of electron transport. Our data are in good agreement with recent theories for interacting electron liquids in the ballistic and viscous regimes stimulated by measurements in graphene. However, the range of temperatures and densities where viscous effects are observable in Ga [Al] As are very distinct from the graphene material system.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
21 Dec 2018

Beat A Braem, FMD Pellegrino, Alessandro Principi, Marc Röösli, Carolin Gold, Szymon Hennel, Jonne V Koski, Matthias Berl, Werner Dietsche, Werner Wegscheider, Marco Polini, Thomas Ihn, Klaus Ensslin

Biblio References: 
Volume: 98 Issue: 24 Pages: 241304
Physical Review B