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The present work introduces optimal modifiсation of core-shell composite nanomaterial, where small (2–8 nm) Ag0 nanoparticles are deposited onto large (about 140 nm) silica spheres for application in oxidative catalysis. The size of Ag0 and density of its deposition onto silica spheres was modified by the post treatment of initially deposited Ag0 (about 30 nm) by hydrogen peroxide in specific conditions. The comparison of catalytic effect of the post-treated and initial SN-Ag0 in electrochemical phosphonation of benzo(thia)oxazoles by diethyl phosphite in oxidative conditions revealed the difference between the composite nanoparticles. In particular, the post-treated SNs-Ag0 nanoparticles exhibit efficient catalytic effect in oxidative conditions resulting in facile and green method for synthesis of phosphonated benzooxa(thia)zoles, while no catalytic effect is observed under the use of larger Ag0 nanoparticles …
Publication date: 
1 Nov 2017

Svetlana V Fedorenko, Michail E Jilkin, Tatyana V Gryaznova, Elizaveta O Iurko, Olga D Bochkova, Alsu R Mukhametshina, Irek R Nizameev, Kirill V Kholin, Raffaello Mazzaro, Vittorio Morandi, Alberto Vomiero, Asiya R Mustafina, Yulia H Budnikova

Biblio References: 
Volume: 21 Pages: 1-5
Colloid and Interface Science Communications