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Laser‐assisted field evaporation is studied in a large number of compounds, including amorphous and crystalline phase change materials employing atom probe tomography. This study reveals significant differences in field evaporation between amorphous and crystalline phase change materials. High probabilities for multiple events with more than a single ion detected per laser pulse are only found for crystalline phase change materials. The specifics of this unusual field evaporation are unlike any other mechanism shown previously to lead to high probabilities of multiple events. On the contrary, amorphous phase change materials as well as other covalently bonded compounds and metals possess much lower probabilities for multiple events. Hence, laser‐assisted field evaporation in amorphous and crystalline phase change materials reveals striking differences in bond rupture. This is indicative for …
Publication date: 
1 May 2018

Min Zhu, Oana Cojocaru‐Mirédin, Antonio M Mio, Jens Keutgen, Michael Küpers, Yuan Yu, Ju‐Young Cho, Richard Dronskowski, Matthias Wuttig

Biblio References: 
Volume: 30 Issue: 18 Pages: 1706735
Advanced Materials