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Use of cross-bar architecture will considerably increase the capacity of non-volatile memory devices. However, such 3D device architecture imposes serious restrictions on materials used, limiting growth and processing temperature to below 400 oC. We propose use of zinc oxide, grown at low temperature by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), as selectors (Schottky or pn junction) in 3D stacked memories.Use of organic zinc precursors (diethylzinc or dimethylzinc) enabled us to lower ZnO growth temperature to well below 200 oC. By selecting appropriate growth conditions, we obtained asgrown thin films of ZnO with demanded electrical properties (carrier density 1017 cm-3 and lower, and mobility between 5 and 100 cm2/Vs). This enabled construction of Schottky junctions with good electrical properties with a rectifying ratio Ion/Ioff= 108 and a sufficient current density at low voltages.
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
29 Aug 2008

M Godlewski, E Guziewicz, L Wachnicki, T Krajewski, A Szczepanik, A Wojcik-Glodowska, K Kopalko, R Jakiela, S Yatsunenko, E Przezdziecka, P Kruszewski, J Szade, N Huby, G Tallarida, S Ferrari

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Issue: 36 Pages: 2358
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