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Multifunctional Micro/Nanosystems

Smart Systems Integration activities at IMM aim at demonstrating multifunctional systems based on nanostructured materials and microsystem devices, by bridging the gap between the phenomena occurring at the micro- and nanoscale and the real-world of the final user. Exploiting the cutting-edge proprieties of novel functional materials and microstructures requires the transfer of the new materials and technologies to the device level.

IMM owns the largest public technological facilities for the development, characterization and prototyping of micro- and nanosystems, together with the systems engineering capabilities necessary for the integration of multifunctional micro- and nanosystems.

The multidisciplinary know-how available at IMM, which includes solid state physics, photonics, material science and electronic engineering, is integrated and applied for developments in the following application areas:

  • Smart, Secure and Inclusive Communities: autonomous multisensing systems for the measurement of chemical and physical parameters, including deployment on unmanned platforms (drones);
  • Technologies for life environment: multifunctional and multisensing systems for the care of elderly people: ambient assisted living and autonomous systems for air quality monitoring;
  • Agrofood: advanced electronic noses and multisensing systems for food safety and quality;
  • Multifunctional systems based on functionalized optical fibres and integration of photonic systems on silicon;
  • Flexible sensing systems including wearable sensors and power harvesting devices;
  • Multifunctional systems for biological applications: biosensors and micro drug-dispensers, medical diagnosis systems and breath analysers.

For some applications, the developments at IMM were demonstrated at a high technology readiness level (up to TRL7), the final target being the technological transfer to national and European companies.


Coordinator: Zampolli Stefano

Multifunctional IoT-ready systems for healthcare and quality of life

The research activities are addressed to the design and prototyping of:

1. active (Time-of-Flight, Structured Light, RGB-D) and passive (RGB) vision systems for critical event prediction-...

Materials and Enabling Technologies for "Smart Systems Integration (SSI)"


Materials and Enabling Technologies for Smart Systems Integration (SSI)

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Multifunctional chemical systems for food analysis and biomedical applications (breath analysis & metabolomics)


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Multifunctional acrylic flexible film with embedded low dimensional ZnO structures


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Active miniaturized system for flow separation control in aeronautics applications


Present research activity is devoted to design, fabrication and functional tests of low cost capacitive pressure sensors coupled with dielectric...

Flexible thermoelectric generator for wearable sensors applications



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Scanning Microwave Microscopy for Material and Life Sciences

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Analytical gas multi-sensing systems based on MEMS microfluidic devices

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