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The activity is following two different routes. On one side it is focused on the growth of graphene membranes by means of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and on its processing and transferring on flexible substrates. The membranes have been successfully integrated on plastic (PET) and epoxy-based photoresist (SU8) and integrated in flexible and transparent capacitors. The exploitation of these flexible and transparent electrodes in photovoltaic and electro-mechanical devices is foreseen. On the other side the activity is focused on the CVD growth of graphene membranes on 3D porous substrates (foams) with tunable pore-size distributions (both commercial and on purpose fabricated) and in their infiltration with polymeric compounds (PDMS) for the fabrication of flexible and wearable piezoresistive sensors.


Moreover, starting from exfoliated graphene and graphene oxide solutions, the integration of graphene polymeric nanocomposites and graphene-based materials within flexible substrates is investigated for several different applications, such as filtration, gas separation, heat dissipation and transparent electrodes.


Contact person: Vittorio Morandi