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The research activity focuses on two types of materials. On one side, the capabilities of functional nanoparticles and quantum dots integration with graphene membranes and carbon nanotubes are under investigation. More in detail, the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy by means of a Si nanocrystal, properly synthesized and functionalized is investigated, and in parallel the conversion of energy directly or indirectly provided by sunlight into chemical energy, by storing it into highly energetic Pt-based compounds has been studied.


On the other side, the research activities are based on the CVD synthesis of graphene membranes on 3D porous substrates (foams) with tunable pore-size distributions (both commercial and on purpose fabricated). The capabilities of this new class of 3D porous materials in terms of high surface area and extraordinary electrical properties are under investigations, in particular in microbial fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells and in Li-storage systems.


A research branch is presently addressing the insertion of 2D materials such as Graphene within wafer-based, high efficiency silicon solar cells, which guarantee the highest device quality among silicon-based photovoltaic structure with high TRL. The activity is focussed at studying the impact of the very thin, yet highly conductive material, in the design of the contact architecture.


Contact person: Vittorio Morandi

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