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The Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems lost a great friend, a leading expert in its own research activities and a bright helpful colleague. He was a guide for many of our researchers, who will always respectfully remember him with great affection. In our international projects we often asked him to be involved, because his presence in the partnership was a solid guarantee of success, both scientific and managerial. Our researchers coauthored over 50 scientific publications with Bengt Svensson, co-chaired several symposia and managed some international research projects with the wise and strong support of Bengt beside. These data testify how often our researchers looked for his precious collaboration in joint scientific activities. He was for our Institute not only a reference scientist, but also a severe reviewer when the National Research Council of Italy appointed him for evaluating some of its Institutes. He made a careful analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, which was useful to improve our planning strategies and scientific performances. The IEEE honored him in 2007 with the Prof. J.F. Gibbons Award for his contribution to the study of ion beam generated defects in Si, SiC and SiGe. We had the pleasure and the pride to award him during an IEEE conference organized by our Institute. That instant will remain forever in our hearts. We could appreciate the qualities and the talent of Bengt as a Professor during a sabbatical period spent in our Institute. The door of his office was always open for our Ph.D. students and post-docs who desired to consult him for improving the interpretation of their experiments or for planning new research. In one month he became as a mentor for some of them, who esteemed him as a great teacher. He was also a member of the Commission for Ph.D. defense, demonstrating as usual a high scientific rigor during the exam, while at the same time putting at ease the students. Some of us visited Bengt at the MiNaLab in Oslo or at the KTH in Stockholm, as well as Bengt often came to our Institute. During such scientific meetings, we laid the bases of many collaborations between our Institutions. With a mixture of pride and affection some of us have recently participated to the International Symposium on Semiconductors: Defects, Doping and Diffusion (IS2D3) in honour of Bengt to celebrate his 60th Birthday. Not surprisingly IS2D3 became the kick-off meeting for further joined activities. Every chance for collaborating was seized right the way because it soon appeared very promising thanks to the presence of Bengt in a joint research initiative.

We will miss Bengt so much. We will forever remember him and, when the work will be hard or the science will be dark, we will think how Bengt would have solved the matter and will face the difficulties by following his teaching.

Prof. Bengt G. Svensson during 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Thermal Processing of Semiconductors


Prof. Bengt G. Svensson at the IS2D3 meeting

Prof. Bengt G. Svensson at CNR - IMM