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A Special Issue, entitled Wide band gap semiconductors technology for next generation of energy efficient power electronics, has been published in vol. 78 of  Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. (Guest Editors: Fabrizio Roccaforte (CNR-IMM, Italy) and Philippe Godignon (CNM-CSIC, Spain)).

The Special Issue is a collection of twelve invited review papers and five regular papers, providing a representative overview of the current progress in WBG semiconductor technology for power electronics. The main focus is put on the most mature SiC and GaN technologies, but highlights on other emerging WBG materials are also included.


Table of Contents


Page 1

Fabrizio Roccaforte, Philippe Godignon

Recent advances in 4H-SiC epitaxy for high-voltage power devices

Review article

Pages 2-12

Hidekazu Tsuchida, Isaho Kamata, Tetsuya Miyazawa, Masahiko Ito, Xuan Zhang, Masahiro Nagano

Defects related to electrical doping of 4H-SiC by ion implantation

Review article

Pages 13-21

Roberta Nipoti, Hussein M. Ayedh, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Advanced processing for mobility improvement in 4H-SiC MOSFETs: A review

Review article

Pages 22-31

Maria Cabello, Victor Soler, Gemma Rius, Josep Montserrat, José Rebollo, Philippe Godignon

SiC MOSFET threshold-stability issues

Review article

Pages 32-37

Aivars J. Lelis, Ronald Green, Daniel B. Habersat

Temperature-dependent Fowler-Nordheim electron barrier height in SiO2/4H-SiC MOS capacitors

Original research article

Pages 38-42

P. Fiorenza, M. Vivona, F. Iucolano, A. Severino, S. Lorenti, G. Nicotra, C. Bongiorno, F. Giannazzo, F. Roccaforte

Current status and perspectives of ultrahigh-voltage SiC power devices

Review article

Pages 43-56

T. Kimoto, Y. Yonezawa

From thin film to bulk 3C-SiC growth: Understanding the mechanism of defects reduction

Open access - Review article

Pages 57-68

F. La Via, A. Severino, R. Anzalone, C. Bongiorno, G. Litrico, M. Mauceri, M.Schoeler, P.Schuh, P. Wellmann

Development, characterisation and simulation of wafer bonded Si-on-SiC substrates

Open access - Original research article

Pages 69-74

P.M. Gammon, C.W. Chan, F. Li, F. Gity, T. Trajkovic, V. Pathirana, D. Flandre, V. Kilchytska

Materials and processing issues in vertical GaN power electronics

Review article

Pages 75-84

Jie Hu, Yuhao Zhang, Min Sun, Daniel Piedra, Nadim Chowdhury, Tomás Palacios

State of the art on gate insulation and surface passivation for GaN-based power HEMTs

Open access - Review article

Pages 85-95

Tamotsu Hashizume, Kenya Nishiguchi, Shota Kaneki, Jan Kuzmik, Zenji Yatabe

Review of technology for normally-off HEMTs with p-GaN gate

Review article

Pages 96-106

Giuseppe Greco, Ferdinando Iucolano, Fabrizio Roccaforte

A simple non-recessed and Au-free high quality Ohmic contacts on AlGaN/GaN: The case of Ti/Al alloy

Original research article

Pages 107-110

Georgio El-zammar, Arnaud Yvon, Wahid Khalfaoui, Maher Nafouti, Frederic Cayrel, Emmanuel Collard,  Daniel Alquier

Modification of the sheet resistance under Ti/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic contacts on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures

Original research article

Pages 111-117

M. Spera, C. Miccoli, R. Lo Nigro, C. Bongiorno, D. Corso, S. Di Franco, F. Iucolano, F. Roccaforte, G. Greco

Trapping phenomena and degradation mechanisms in GaN-based power HEMTs

Open access - Review article

Pages 118-126

Matteo Meneghini, Alaleh Tajalli, Peter Moens, Abhishek Banerjee, Enrico Zanoni, Gaudenzio Meneghesso

Evolution of on-resistance (RON) and threshold voltage (VTH) in GaN HEMTs during switch-mode operation

Original research article

Pages 127-131

Alessandro Chini, Ferdinando Iucolano

Recent progress in the growth of β-Ga2O3 for power electronics applications

Review article

Pages 132-146

Michele Baldini, Zbigniew Galazka, Günter Wagner

Recent advances in diamond power semiconductor devices

Review article

Pages 147-156

Hitoshi Umezawa