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In order to extend the direct observation of high-energy cosmic rays up to the PeV region, highly performing calorimeters with large geometrical acceptance and high energy resolution are required. Within the constraint of the total mass of the apparatus, crucial for a space mission, the calorimeters must be optimized with respect to their geometrical acceptance, granularity and absorption depth. CaloCube is a homogeneous calorimeter with cubic geometry, to maximise the acceptance being sensitive to particles from every direction in space; granularity is obtained by relying on small cubic scintillating crystals as active elements. Different scintillating materials have been studied. The crystal sizes and spacing among them have been optimized with respect to the energy resolution. A prototype, based on CsI (Tl) cubic crystals, has been constructed and tested with particle beams. Some results of tests with different …
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Publication date: 
5 Jun 2017

PW Cattaneo, O Adriani, S Albergo, L Auditore, A Basti, E Berti, G Bigongiari, L Bonechi, S Bonechi, M Bongi, V Bonvicini, S Bottai, P Brogi, G Carotenuto, G Castellini, R D'Alessandro, S Detti, M Fasoli, N Finetti, A Italiano, P Lenzi, P Maestro, PS Marrocchesi, N Mori, M Olmi, G Orzan, L Pacini, P Papini, MG Pellegriti, A Rappoldi, S Ricciarini, M Rossella, A Sciutto, P Spillantini, O Starodubtsev, F Stolzi, JE Suh, A Sulaj, A Tiberio, A Tricomi, A Trifirò, M Trimarchi, E Vannuccini, A Vedda, G Zampa, N Zampa

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 06 Pages: C06004
Journal of Instrumentation