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A future compact and modular X and gamma-ray spectrometer (XGS) has been designed and a series of prototypes have been developed and tested. The experiment envisages the use of CsI scintillator bars read out at both ends by single-cell 25 mm2 Silicon Drift Detectors. Digital algorithms are used to discriminate between events absorbed in the Silicon layer (lower energy X rays) and events absorbed in the scintillator crystal (higher energy X rays and gamma-rays). The prototype characterization is shown and the modular ...
Publication date: 
20 Apr 2017

R Campana, F Fuschino, C Labanti, M Marisaldi, L Amati, M Fiorini, M Uslenghi, G Baldazzi, P Bellutti, Y Evangelista, I Elmi, M Feroci, F Ficorella, F Frontera, A Picciotto, C Piemonte, A Rachevski, I Rashevskaya, LP Rignanese, A Vacchi, G Zampa, N Zampa, N Zorzi

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.06122