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This work introduces a compact DC model developed for organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) and its SPICE implementation. The model relies on a modified version of the gradual channel approximation that takes into account the contact effects, occurring at nonohmic metal/organic semiconductor junctions, modeling them as reverse biased Schottky diodes. The model also comprises channel length modulation and scalability of drain current with respect to channel length. To show the suitability of the model, we used it to design an inverter and a ring oscillator circuit. Furthermore, an experimental validation of the OTFTs has been done at the level of the single device as well as with a discrete-component setup based on two OTFTs connected into an inverter configuration. The experimental tests were based on OTFTs that use small molecules in binder matrix as an active layer. The experimental data on the …
Publication date: 
16 Mar 2016

Antonio Valletta, Ahmet S Demirkol, Giovanni Maira, Mattia Frasca, Vincenzo Vinciguerra, Luigi G Occhipinti, Luigi Fortuna, Luigi Mariucci, Guglielmo Fortunato

Biblio References: 
Volume: 15 Issue: 5 Pages: 754-761
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology