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Conductive wires of sub-micrometer width made from platinum-carbonyl clusters have been fabricated by solution-infilling of microchannels as in microinject molding in capillaries (MIMIC). The process is driven by the liquid surface tension within the micrometric channels followed by the precipitation of the solute. Orientation of supramolecular crystalline domains is imparted by the solution confinement combined with unidirectional flow. The wires exhibit ohmic conductivity with a value of 0.2 S/cm that increases, after thermal decomposition of the platinum-carbonyl cluster precursor to Pt, to 35 S/cm.
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
30 Jan 2008

Pierpaolo Greco, Massimiliano Cavallini, Pablo Stoliar, Santiago David Quiroga, Soumya Dutta, Stefano Zacchini, Maria Carmela Iapalucci, Vittorio Morandi, Silvia Milita, Pier Giorgio Merli, Fabio Biscarini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 130 Issue: 4 Pages: 1177-1182
Journal of the American Chemical Society