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Three-dimensional transient numerical simulation of coupled gas cavity and geological medium problem resulting from underground nuclear explosion events is complex due to the gas cavity growth, resulting into the large deformations and large strains of the geological medium and shock-induced high strain-rate dependence of the response. However, it is important to establish the effects of local inelastic and nonlinear behaviour due to crushing and cracking of the geological medium, on the shock-waves near the source and the seismic signals beyond the elastic radius, This study also helps simulate the shock-wave reflection effects from the free surface near the ground zero, mound growth, spall near the free surface and the subsequent free fall of the mound due to gravity effect resulting in crater formation. The impacting spalled rock layers give rise to secondary seismic signals in addition to the primary signals …
Current Science Association
Publication date: 
10 Apr 2005

Rajeev Ranjan, RK Singh, SK Sikka, Anil Kakodkar

Biblio References: 
Pages: 1133-1141
Current Science