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The capability of hydrogen to passivate nitrogen in dilute nitrides is exploited to in-plane engineer the electronic properties of Ga (AsN)/GaAs heterostructures. Two methods are presented: i) by deposition of hydrogen-opaque metallic masks on Ga (AsN) and subsequent hydrogen irradiation, we artificially create zones of the crystal having the band gap of untreated Ga (AsN) surrounded by GaAs-like barriers; ii) by employing an intense (~ 100 nA) and narrow (~ 100 nm) beam of electrons, we dissociate the complexes formed by N and H in a spatially delimited part of a hydrogenated Ga (AsN) sample. As a consequence, in the spatial regions irradiated by the electron beam, hydrogenated Ga (AsN) recovers the smaller energy gap it had before hydrogen implantation.
Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2007

Rinaldo Trotta, Antonio Polimeni, Marco Felici, Giorgio Pettinari, Mario Capizzi, Andrea Frova, Giancarlo Salviati, Laura Lazzarini, Nicola Armani, Luigi Mariucci, Giorgio Bais, Faustino Martelli, Silvia Rubini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 994
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