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There is an increasing interest in using Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) in emerging applications where the detectors have to operate in ambient environment with high sensitivity and fast timing response in combination with narrow bandwidth light emitting sources like LEDs or VCSELs. The need to use large area detectors for optimizing the light collection efficiency, due to the low optical fluxes to be usually detected, imposes the optimization of the SiPM performance in specific wavelength ranges (usually visible or near infrared), to fully exploit the single photon sensitivity of these detectors and not to reduce at the same time their dynamic range. The use of proper optical long-pass filters on the detector's package can represent a suitable way to reach both these targets, through the reduction of environmental light absorption. Here we present the preliminary results obtained from the characterization of n+-p SiPMs …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
14 Feb 2018

M Mazzillo, A Sciuto, S Libertino, S Lombardo, G Fallica

Biblio References: 
Volume: 13 Issue: 02 Pages: P02016
Journal of Instrumentation