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Magnetic nano-sensors based on niobium dc SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) for nanoparticle characterization are presented. The SQUIDs consists of two Dayem bridges of 90 nm x 250 nm and loop area of 4, 1 and 0.55 μm2. The SQUIDs were designed to have a hysteretic current-voltage characteristic in order to work as a magnetic flux-current transducer. Current-voltage characteristics, critical current as a function of the external magnetic field and switching current distributions were performed at liquid helium temperature. A critical current modulation of about 20% and a current-magnetic flux transfer coefficient (responsivity) of 30 μA/Φ0 have been obtained, resulting in a magnetic flux resolution better than 1 mΦ0. In order to show the effectiveness of sensor for nanomagnetism applications, we performed measurements with and without magnetic nanoparticles on the SQUID loop …
Publication date: 
31 Dec 2012

R Russo, E Esposito, C Granata, A Vettoliere, M Russo, C Cannas, D Peddis, D Fiorani

Biblio References: 
Volume: 36 Pages: 293-299
Physics Procedia