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GaAs nanowires have been grown on SiO2 and GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy using manganese as growth catalyst. Transmission electron microscopy shows that the wires have a wurtzite-type lattice and that α-Mn particles are found at the free end of the wires. X-ray absorption fine structure measurements reveal the presence of a significant fraction of Mn−As bonds, suggesting Mn diffusion and incorporation during wire growth. Transport measurements indicate that the wires are p-type, as expected from doping of GaAs with Mn.
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
13 Sep 2006

Faustino Martelli, Silvia Rubini, Matteo Piccin, Giorgio Bais, Fauzia Jabeen, Silvano De Franceschi, Vincenzo Grillo, Elvio Carlino, Francesco D'Acapito, Federico Boscherini, Stefano Cabrini, Marco Lazzarino, Luca Businaro, Filippo Romanato, Alfonso Franciosi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 6 Issue: 9 Pages: 2130-2134
Nano Letters