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Strongly anisotropic magnetic and superconducting properties have been recently observed to coexist in Gd1212 (GdSr/sub 2/RuCu/sub 2/O/sub 8/). Magnetic ordering appears to be due to Ru planes while Cu planes are correlated to the superconducting properties. The unavailability of single crystals makes relevant the fabrication of oriented samples of macroscopic size by melt texturing techniques. Then we have grown MTG samples starting from 1 cm diameter pellets. Gd1210 (GdSr/sub 2/RuO/sub 6/) is added, analogously to Y211 in YBCO MTG processes. Preliminary studies have been performed on Gd1212 powders to explore the range of temperatures and the reactions involved. XRD analysis shows that a certain degree of orientation is present in our samples. By Polarized Light Optical Microscopy we have observed large oriented domains of almost millimeter size. Larger domains are expected by …
Publication date: 
13 Jun 2005

Regina Ciancio, Marcello Gombos, Antonio Vecchione, Rosalba Fittipaldi, Sandro Pace

Biblio References: 
Volume: 15 Issue: 2 Pages: 3149-3152
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity