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Small analytes such as glucose, L-glutamine (Gln), and ammonium nitrate are detected by means of optical biosensors based on a very common nanostructured material, porous silicon (PSi). Specific recognition elements, such as protein receptors and enzymes, were immobilized on hydrogenated PSi wafers and used as probes in optical sensing systems. The binding events were optically transduced as wavelength shifts of the porous silicon reflectivity spectrum or were monitored via changes of the fluorescence emission. The biosensors described in this article suggest a general approach for the development of new sensing systems for a wide range of analytes of high social interest.
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Publication date: 
4 Aug 2006

Sabato D’Auria, Marcella De Champdore, Vincenzo Aurilia, Antonietta Parracino, Maria Staiano, Annalisa Vitale, Mosè Rossi, Ilaria Rea, Lucia Rotiroti, Andrea M Rossi, Stefano Borini, Ivo Rendina, Luca De Stefano

Biblio References: 
Volume: 18 Issue: 33 Pages: S2019
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter