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Olive oil has gained in popularity in counties where it was a relatively underused commodity in the past. Not least among the reasons for the increased popularity of olive oil are its potential health benefits, its delicious taste and aroma and its culinary and nutritional advantages over other edible oils [1]. Since countries that were only importers a few decades ago have started to produce olive oil, it has become another daily oil for cooking for consumers from these countries.Olive oil represents only around 2%, or even lower, of the worldwide production of oils and fats [2, 3] and it is a foodstuff cherished by the consumers of the Mediterranean countries where it is of enormous economic importance for their farmers. Thus, 20% of farms in Spain are devoted to olive cultivation compared with 25% in Greece and 19% in Italy. These countries produce around 70% of the world production, Spain and Italy being the main producers (Table 1).
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Publication date: 
1 Jan 2018

DL García González, RN Aparicio, Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz, JF Morin, M Lees

Biblio References: 
Food Integrity Handbook: A Guide to Food Autenticity Issues and Analytical Solutions