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Advances in material science and laser sources renewed the interest in optical parametric oscillators (OPOs). A major attraction of OPOs is the possibility to coherently generate new frequencies over extended tunability ranges. These characteristics are of great interest for spectroscopic applications, which require stable cw highly-coherent radiation sources in a wide range of frequencies, from visible-UV to infrared. We briefly present the operational principles of OPOs, with particular emphasis on the aspects related to spectroscopic applications. Then, we report on recent results achieved with a narrow-linewidth singly-resonant cw OPO, emitting in the MIR, used for high-resolution spectroscopy of molecular transitions.
Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2014

M De Rosa, E De Tommasi, P Maddaloni, S Mosca, I Ricciardi, A Rocco, J-J Zondy, P De Natale

Biblio References: 
Pages: 453-473
Ferroelectric Crystals for Photonic Applications