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This paper reports the design, the microfabrication and the experimental characterization of an ultra-thin narrow-band metamaterial absorber at terahertz frequencies. The metamaterial device is composed of a highly flexible polyimide spacer included between a top electric ring resonator with a four-fold rotational symmetry and a bottom ground plane that avoids misalignment problems. Its performance has been experimentally demonstrated by a custom polarization-maintaining reflection-mode terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system properly designed in order to reach a collimated configuration of the terahertz beam. The dependence of the spectral characteristics of this metamaterial absorber has been evaluated on the azimuthal angle under oblique incidence. The obtained absorbance levels are comprised between 67% and 74% at 1.092 THz and the polarization insensitivity has been verified in transverse …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
31 Jan 2018

Maria Denise Astorino, Renato Fastampa, Fabrizio Frezza, Luca Maiolo, Marco Marrani, Mauro Missori, Marco Muzi, Nicola Tedeschi, Andrea Veroli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-8
Scientific reports