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RF MEMS series and shunt switches in coplanar waveguide configuration have been tested to check their reliability in terms of the technological yield, the number of cycles and the total time during which they are actuated. Cycles up to 5×108 and total actuation times of 5×105 s have been measured for series configurations by using short pulses. More than one week of operation has been experienced on a shunt device. Power handling has been also considered, and purposely designed switches were able to handle powers up to 5 Watt.
Romanian Academy
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2006

S Catoni, S Di Nardo, Paola Farinelli, Flavio Giacomozzi, G Mannocchi, R Marcelli, Benno Margesin, Paolo Mezzanotte, Viviana Mulloni, R Sorrentino, F Vitulli, L Vietzorreck

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Issue: 10 Pages: 95-102
MEMSWAVE2006 7th International Symposium on RF-MEMS and RF Microsystems