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A new pixel detector for the CMS experiment was built in order to cope with the instantaneous luminosities anticipated for the Phase I Upgrade of the LHC. The new CMS pixel detector provides four-hit tracking with a reduced material budget as well as new cooling and powering schemes. A new front-end readout chip mitigates buffering and bandwidth limitations, and allows operation at low comparator thresholds. In this paper, comprehensive test beam studies are presented, which have been conducted to verify the ...
Institute of Physics Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2017

M Dragicevic, J Härkönen, T Lampén, P Luukka, T Peltola, E Tuominen, E Tuovinen, A Winkler, P Eerola, T Tuuva, CMS Collaboration

Biblio References: 
Journal of Instrumentation