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In this paper we present a computational tool for the simulation of laser annealing processes in FinFET structures. This is a complex self-consistent problem, where heating is evaluated by means of the time harmonic solution of the Maxwell equations. The main features of our computational code include: A versatile graphical user interface for the structure design; The assignment of materials and the simulation analysis; An interface with the finite element method solver for the automatic generation of the mesh and the runtime control; Parameters for numerous materials (optical/thermal properties and mass transport) as a function of temperature and phases; An efficient coupling with electromagnetic simulations for the self-consistent source estimate (i.e. the power dissipation) in nanostructured topographies; Experimental validation of nanostructured samples; Multiple-dopant models simulating dopant redistribution …
Publication date: 
15 Feb 2019

SF Lombardo, G Fisicaro, I Deretzis, A La Magna, B Curver, B Lespinasse, K Huet

Biblio References: 
Volume: 467 Pages: 666-672
Applied Surface Science