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An optical phase array with tunable phase step is demonstrated. The phase array consists of a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice of inverted ferroelectric domains fabricated on a Z-cut lithium niobate substrate. The electro-optically tunable phase step is obtained by the application of an external electric field along the z axis of the crystal via transparent electrodes. Theoretical analysis and experimental results are presented, showing that a tunable and flexible adaptive optical illuminator device can be realized by combining the electro-optic tunability with the Talbot effect. Generation of a multiplicity of light patterns is shown.
Optical Society of America
Publication date: 
1 Nov 2006

M Paturzo, P De Natale, S De Nicola, P Ferraro, S Mailis, RW Eason, G Coppola, M Iodice, M Gioffré

Biblio References: 
Volume: 31 Issue: 21 Pages: 3164-3166
Optics letters