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Light absorption and charge transport in oxide semiconductors can be tuned by the introduction, during deposition, of a small quantity of foreign elements, leading to the improvement of the photoelectrocatalytic performance. In this work, both unmodified and vanadium-modified TiO2 thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering are investigated as photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting. Following a structural characterization by X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, photoelectrocatalysis is discussed based on ultrafast transient absorbance spectroscopy measurements. In particular, three different pump wavelengths from UV to the visible range are used (300, 390, and 530 nm) in order to cover the relevant photoactive spectral range of modified TiO2. Incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency spectra show that …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
27 Nov 2020

Alberto Piccioni, Daniele Catone, Alessandra Paladini, Patrick O’Keeffe, Alex Boschi, Alessandro Kovtun, Maria Katsikini, Federico Boscherini, Luca Pasquini

Biblio References: 
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C