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Functional Nanomaterials

During the last few years there was a growing interest in the realization of nanostructured materials that absolve specific functionalities. The progress in the synthesis techniques and in the fabrication methods has permitted the development of this new class of materials. Thus peculiar electrical, optical, magnetic and chemical properties have been exploited by already finding applications in several fields.

CNR-IMM Institute has developed a great experience in several classes of functional nanostructured materials, such as nanowires, nanoparticles, nanotubes, two-dimensional materials and nanometric films. The accurate control of the synthesis is obtained by sophisticated techniques and by low cost chemical and electrochemical methods, always potentially scalable at industrial and commercial level. The  Institute is also devoted to the development of tailored and innovative detection techniques and devices in order to control the materials properties at the nanometric scale. Thus the control of the nanomaterials properties through the process parameters is our main strength. Moreover the developed peculiar functionalities have found application in many fields, such as microelectronics, sensing, energy, optoelectronics, water purification and so on.

In this research area, a great part of the activity is carried out inside national and international projects. The major areas of work at IMM are below reported.


Coordinator: Prete Paola

Structural, compositional and functional properties of nanostrucutred materials: characterization and modeling


The research activity is mainly focused on two main topics: (i) the characterization of structural, compositional and functional properties of...

Synthesis of innovative nanostructured materials


1. Nanoparticles produced by pulsed  laser

In this activity we will develop Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid (PLAL) methodologies to produce metal (Au, Ag (Fig. 1(a))) and metal...

Photocatalytic nanomaterials for water purification

The main concept of the present activity is the synthesis and application of photocatalytic nanostructured materials for water treatment. Nanomaterials are indeed very efficient photocatalysts due...

Carbon-based nanostructures and nanocomposite polymeric membranes for water purification applications.

Among the functional nanostructured materials carbon-based nanostructures have an important place in water treatments for purification purposes. Their large aspect ratio and the...

Synthesis and Investigation of Multifunctional Materials

This activity is mainly focused on the synthesis and advanced characterization of materials displaying diverse functionalities. Researchers at IMM Agrate Brianza have a long-standing experience in...

Single atom electronics with nanowires: a route to ultra-scaled quantum devices

The doping of semiconductors is a key element for the production of semiconductor devices, and it has been widely studied for bulk crystals. The possibility of realizing semiconductor nanowires...