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The aim of the KaBAS project is to identify two different types of Ka-band antennas, intended for contexts with different needs, although they are both related to the satellite communications market. In particular:
- a flat planar antenna, to be proposed in the market segment of man-portable easy deployable products. For this reason, the key target is represented by the containment of dimensions and maximum portability.
- a paraboloid of about 1.8 meters in diameter, made of carbon fiber and accompanied by the relative feed.

The proposed solutions have characteristics that can be applied in many contexts of today's interest, such as, for example:

DisasterRecovery, Territorial and Environmental Monitoring, Supervision Services and Data Collecting in critical situations such as fires, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions ..., Back-up to communication infrastructures, Patrolling & Identification, Search & Rescue.

Contact: Romolo.Marcelli@artov.imm.cnr.it

In collaboration with ELMACOM srl


2018-06-07 to 2019-07-18