First International Workshop – WInSiC4AP

Tours (France) -  March 7th, 2019


The First International Workshop on “Wide Band Gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power will be held in Tours (France), on March 7th, 2019. The Workshop is organized in the framework of the ECSEL JU European Project WInSiC4AP and will be hosted by the Ecole d’ingénieurs Polytech of the University of Tours.

As a partner of the WInSiC4AP project, CNR-IMM is involved in the organization of this event, together with IUNET, University of Tours and DTSMNS.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the recent advances in silicon carbide (4H-SiC) devices technology, processing and characterizations, and reliability issues. Moreover, new applications of 4H-SiC devices in the fields of automotive, railway and avionics will be also presented.

The workshop will have the patronage of the ECSEL JU and is free of charge (including admission, coffee breaks and lunch). The registration deadline is February 28, 2019. The registration form can be downloaded here.



08:30 Registration

09:00 Opening, Jean-François Michaud (University of Tours, France), Local Chairman

09:10 Introduction: the WinSiC4AP Project, Leoluca Liggio (DTSMNS, Italy) and Antonio Imbruglia (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Session I – MOSFET processing (Chair: Fabrizio Roccaforte (CNR-IMM, Italy)

09:30 Keynote Speech: "State of the art of 4H-SiC MOSFET processing", Philippe Godignon (CNM-CSIC, Spain)

10:10 "Introduction to laser annealing of Ohmic contacts on 4H-SiC", Clément Berger (University of Tours, France)

10:30 "Processing and characterization of gate oxides for 4H-SiC MOSFETs", Patrick Fiorenza (CNR-IMM, Italy)

10:50 "Positive Bias Temperature Instabilties in SiC Power nMOSFETs", Giuseppe Consentino (Università della Calabria, Italy)


11:10 Coffee Break


Session II – Characterization, Modeling and Packaging (Chair: Susanna Reggiani, IUNET, Italy)

11:40 Keynote Speech: "Advanced characterization of 4H-SiC high-voltage devices", Dominique Planson (Ampère Lab, France)

12:20 "Heiman TCAD model for threshold instability in advanced ST power MOSFET devices", Salvatore Cascino (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

12:40 "Absolute Double side cooling - low inductance packaging: a breakthrough for cost effective inverters", Jacques Favre (aPSI3D, France)


13:00 Lunch


14:30 ECSEL JU speech

Session III – Applications (Chair: Jean-François Michaud, University of Tours, France)

14:50 Keynote Speech: "SiC MOSFETs dynamic robustness: challenges and opportunities for developing high-performance multi-chip modules", Alberto Castellazzi (University of Nottingham, UK)

15:30 "High Voltage Intelligent Power Switches for embedded applications", Josep Domingo Salvany (NEXTER, France).

15:50 "Engineering requirements for avionics of unmanned aerial system", Costantino Giaconia, (University of Palermo, Italy)

16:10 "SiC Based Power Plant and Avionics", Pietro Rosi (OMI, Italy)

16:30 End of workshop/Closing remarks


Organizing Committee

Jean-François Michaud, Dominique Certon, Daniel Alquier (University of Tours, France)

Gaudenzio Meneghesso, Susanna Reggiani (IUNET, Italy)

Fabrizio Roccaforte, Patrick Fiorenza (CNR-IMM, Italy)

Antonio Imbruglia, Mario Saggio (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Leoluca Liggio, Salvatore Frisella (Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi, Italy)