The International Workshop Silicon Carbide in Europe 2020 (SiCE-2020) will be held in Catania (Italy) on 4-6 May, 2020. The event will be a scientific forum bringing together leading specialists working in different areas of silicon carbide (SiC) technology, both from universities, research centers and industries.

The aim of the workshop is to debate the latest achievements in SiC wafers growth, devices processing and applications, and to analyze their impact on the goals of the industry towards the development and commercialization of devices, modules and production equipment for several applications (automotive, railways transportation, avionics, renewable energies, etc.).

The event is organized in the framework of three running European projects on silicon carbide: Challenge, Reaction and WInSiC4AP.

As coordinator of the Challenge project, and partner of the Reaction and WInSiC4AP projects, CNR-IMM is strongly involved in the organization of this event, together with IUNET, STMicroelectronics, DTSMNS and Moverim.


SiCE-2020 Organizing Committee

 Salvatore Frisella (DTSMNS, Italy)

 Antonio Imbruglia (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

 Francesco La Via (CNR-IMM, Italy)

 Leoluca Liggio (DTSMNS, Italy)

 Angelo Messina (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

 Susanna Reggiani (University of Bologna - IUNET, Italy)

 Fabrizio Roccaforte (CNR-IMM, Italy)

 Laura Vivani (Moverim Consulting, Belgium)


Scientific Committee

Daniel Alquier (University of Tours, France)

Tomasz Bieniek (ITE, Poland)

Michele Calabretta (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Danilo Crippa (LPE, Italy)

Ludovic Devidal (Valeo, France)

Marius Enachescu (UPB, Romania)

Patrick Fiorenza (CNR-IMM, Italy)

Martin Haug (Wuerth, Germany)

Antonio Imbruglia (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Mike Jennings (University of Swansea, UK)

Antonino La Magna (CNR-IMM, Italy)

Francesco La Via (CNR-IMM, Italy)

Gaudenzio Meneghesso (University of Padua - IUNET, Italy)

Angelo Messina (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Jean-François Michaud (University of Tours, France)

Susanna Reggiani (University of Bologna - IUNET, Italy)

Fabrizio Roccaforte (CNR-IMM, Italy)

Mario Saggio (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Vincenzo Vinciguerra (STMicroelectronics, Italy)

Peter Wellmann (University of Erlangen, Germany)

Marcin Zielienski (Novasic, France)


2020-05-04 to 2020-05-06