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Graduate Fellow
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Production and characterization of structural and non-oxidic ceramic materials for use in extreme environments (UHTCs); powders treatment, pressureless and pressure assisted hot sintering;
Microstructural characterization: use of scanning electron microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) coupled to an energy dispersive X-Ray micro-analyzer (EDX) and Focused Ion Beam (FIB).

Curriculum (PDF): 

Scientific Productions

Laura Silvestroni, Antonio Vinci, Nicola Gilli, Luca Zoli, Diletta Sciti, Dietmar Koch, Marius Kütemeyer

Melt/solid Interaction and Melt Super-saturation Effect on the Microstructure Asset of Ultra-refractory Composites Prepared by Reactive Melting Infiltration

Journal of Alloys and Compounds [Elsevier], Pages: 169521

Antonio Vinci, Luca Zoli, Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Diletta Sciti

Synthesis, microstructure and mechanical properties of lamellar YB2C2–based ultra-high temperature ceramic composites

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [Elsevier], Volume: 43 Issue: 3 Pages: 831-841

Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Alex Sangiorgi, Alessandro Corozzi, Suzana Filipović, Nina Obradović, Laia Ortiz-Membrado, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, William G Fahrenholtz

Multi-phase (Zr,Ti,Cr)B2 solid solutions: Preparation, multi-scale microstructure, and local properties

Journal of Advanced Ceramics [清华大学出版社],

Laura Silvestroni, Diego Pavan, Cesare Melandri, Diletta Sciti, Nicola Gilli, Laia Ortiz-Membrado, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Antonio Mattia Grande

Functionally graded ultra-high temperature ceramics: From thermo-elastic numerical analysis to damage tolerant composites

Materials & Design [Elsevier], Volume: 224 Pages: 111379

Michele Della Ciana, Matteo Valt, Barbara Fabbri, Andrea Gaiardo, Elena Spagnoli, Soufiane Krik, Paolo Bernardoni, Nicola Gilli, Andrea Migliori, Alberto Quaranta, Vittorio Morandi, Vincenzo Guidi

SO2 sensing mechanism of nanostructured SiC-SiOxC core shell: An operando DRIFT investigation

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical [Elsevier], Volume: 371 Pages: 132497

Antonio Vinci, Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Luca Zoli, Diletta Sciti

Advancements in carbon fibre reinforced ultra-refractory ceramic composites: Effect of rare earth oxides addition

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing [Elsevier], Volume: 156 Pages: 106858

Suzana Filipović, Nina Obradović, Nicola Gilli, Laura Silvestroni

Mechanical activation and HIP of ZrB2-TIB2 based composites for hypersonic system

Abstract in Europe/Ceramics in Europe 2022, Krakow, 10-14 July [Krakow: Agencja Reklamowa EURO GRAPHIC],

Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Nina Obradović, Suzana Filipović, Jeremy L Watts, William G Fahrenholtz

Multi-phase (Zr, Ti, Me) B2 solid solutions: preparation and microstructure evolution

Program and the Book of abstracts/Serbian Ceramic Society Conference Advanced Ceramics and Application X New Frontiers in Multifunctional Material Science and Processing, Serbia, Belgrade, 26-27. September 2022. [Belgrade: Serbian Ceramic Society], Pages: 37-37

Nicola Gilli, Jeremy Watts, William G Fahrenholtz, Diletta Sciti, Laura Silvestroni

Design of ultra-high temperature ceramic nano-composites from multi-scale length microstructure approach

Composites Part B: Engineering [Elsevier], Volume: 226 Pages: 109344

Laura Silvestroni, Simone Failla, Nicola Gilli, Cesare Melandri, Umut Savacı, Servet Turan, Diletta Sciti

Disclosing small scale length properties in core-shell structured B4C-TiB2 composites

Materials & Design [Elsevier], Volume: 197 Pages: 109204

Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Andrea Migliori, Diletta Sciti, Jeremy Watts, Greg E Hilmas, William G Fahrenholtz

Binderless WC with high strength and toughness up to 1500° C

Journal of the European Ceramic Society [Elsevier], Volume: 40 Issue: 6 Pages: 2287-2294

Laura Silvestroni, Nicola Gilli, Andrea Migliori, Diletta Sciti, Jeremy Watts, Greg E Hilmas, William G Fahrenholtz

A simple route to fabricate strong boride hierarchical composites for use at ultra-high temperature

Composites Part B: Engineering [Elsevier], Volume: 183 Pages: 107618